“He was a good dog,” say owners of late Spike

Among the onslaught of recent deaths in Desert Fox’s Bad Dream series was Spike the dog, beloved family pet of breed unknown. The cause is yet to be determined, though locals report sightings of a hooded figure wielding a scythe in the weeks before and after the incident.

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Sasori and OC-chan are BACK TOGETHER!

I haven’t updated in forever, so I hope you enjoy this play-by-play of the sensational romance, “Sasori Baby Daddy” by JadedBat; described only as “Sasori Baby Daddy Story” in the synopsis field. I’m billing the author because a cursory google search “sasori baby daddy” nets a frightening number of results, which I will have to confiscate later for… research purposes.

Yuri is no ordinary NEET — she’s a pregnant one, the fiancee of our favorite notorious S-ranked criminal puppeteer, Alice Margatroid Akasuna no Sasori. Find out what happens when they experience some of the ramifications of a pretty average pregnancy.

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BREAKING: Tiny Blue Craft Supplies Man Responsible for the Deaths of 3

Authorities this week are closing in on the location of the prolific serial killer and safecracker known only as “Olson,” using evidence presented in the recent puzzle game trilogy developed by Wertpol. We’re just here to review said puzzle trilogy, but we also hope that they maybe catch the criminal or whatever.

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Akatsuki Slave Drivers: A novel

In the glorious technological boom of the 21st century, the epoch of cool media and not-so-cool media, and a time where Amazon Prime drones will soon be flying over our houses to deliver us superfluous goods, many of which are probably pizza, there’s still only one story-telling venue I truly need to satiate my bloodlust and regular lust, especially when it comes to Naruto. That venue is fanfiction!

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Help! My Best Friend is a Cult Member!

Today we’ve got under the scope one Yume Nikki fangame as well as a quick monochrome horror RPG which teaches kids an important lesson: that if your school is trying to cover up the murder of several unnamed former classmate characters whose bodies have been unceremoniously sealed off in a secret rotting compartment of some sort, you either kill your teacher in retaliation or get the hell out of there because you’re in the Seven Mysteries universe (alternatively see option 1).

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Japanese Helpful Word of the Day: “Usagi”

usagifeaturedThe word is usagi, which means “rabbit” and “punch me hard.” It’s also the name of this week’s featured game up for review! Usagi is a fangame tale of medium-to-epic-sized proportions about murdering the same person repeatedly and chilling with NPCs that look like Jessica Rabbit Usagi.

We also review Misao and Lonely Daughter, to come!

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How to Escape Your Orphanage When it is Really a Front for an Evil Taxidermist

This week we take a look at the masterfully sprited (spritten? sprote?) Elysium City along with the Japanese Yume Nikki fangame Debris. How will these two titles measure out, and — come on, how obvious was it that the woman in charge of the orphanage was evil I mean really it’s almost her job at this point for fuck’s sake

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Maddysuki & Saibutski Present a Christmas Story

To celebrate this penguin pajama onesie I’m wearing and the general spirit of Christmas screwery, here’s a five-minute audio drama about true love and the meaning of Christmas through the eyes of a stunted JPEG eating Cheddar Bunnies.

Transcript below the break.
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